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Lifestyle Smartphoner Point Of View

What Is A Lifestyle Smartphoner?

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The answer to the above headline question; what is a lifestyle smartphoner will be answered later. But before we do that let’s look at what lifestyle really is.

We hear so much about lifestyle today the term has become an adage. The topic is always in the media, on television and in countless blogs and advertisements. So what does  lifestyle mean to you.? Is it controlling you, or are you controlling it?


Lifestyle simply put, is how we choose to live in the environment we find ourselves and how we deal with the influences that impact our lives. For example: our work, health, habits, social class, income and opinions of our peers can affect how we live our lives. These are just a few examples. Read more here if you wish  (Lifestyle_sociology) as we move on to the next point.

Point Of View – Impacts on lifestyle

Lets look at two aspects of lifestyle

BILL is One of the few names I don’t particularly like, especially when there are more than one (BILLS)! The irony is, we either own them or owe them. When our bills spiral out of control we then become acquainted with that undesirable friend debt and many of us know, debt can lead to stress. This in turn could place a limit on our purchasing power. I speak from personal experience.

Let’s do some straight talking. Debt however, is caused by overspending, living beyond our means which can be borne out of a lack of self-control for the things we desire to create our self-image. Peer pressure from the social class we mix with and their opinions can also contribute to a lifestyle of debt. This is a travesty because it has the negative impact of allowing our lifestyle to take control of us. 

Work and  family life balance


Work is one of the major influences that help shape our lifestyle. Finding the right balance between home and work life can be quite tricky. Because of normal working hours plus travelling time, you could be away from your home and family for at least 12 hours a day, five to six days a week. By the time you reach home, unwound and maybe have something to eat, it’s  time for bed.

Imagine the negative impact this could have on a family with young children. A survey carried out in Scotland found that 44% of parents felt that work got in the way of them attending school or nursery events. It also found that 34% said it interferes with their ability to help their children with their homework. Only 12% of working parents said they’ve got it just right. I read somewhere that if you want some changes life you have to make some changes in your life! How do we make these changes? 

A good approach to making changes would be to: Analyse what is affecting you the most: Draw up an plan of action: Determine your goal: Set a start and finishing date, then begin taking the necessary steps toward achieving that goal.

You can rightly ask the question What’s all this got to do with a  lifestyle smatrphoner?

Being Smart With Your Smartphone

A lifestyle smartphoner has choices , we may have the latest smartphones with the latest apps and features at our fingertips. For example; high definition camera and video recording, skype, facetime and of course we mustn’t forget the ability to switch on and regulate the heating for the home whilst being  away from it. However,  with all this technology at our fingertips, as a smartphoner, the important point is taking control. Communication is key.

Can you really use your smartphone to help balance the gap between family and worklife?

Lifestyle smartphoner

Here is my experience; As a working parent I don’t regularly get home at a reasonable time before the children go to bed. However on this particularly day, I promised my daughter that I would be home early to help her with her school homework. As luck would have it, it so happened that I had to work late. I therefore rang her and apologised profusely.

Of course this didn’t help. She was very upset and burst into tears. After about half an hour of feeling guilty, I rang her and told her to facetime me so that we could go through her homework together. I must admit I had never done this before. This worked beautifully because we were able to see each other and speak at the same time while helping her. Incidentally, the subject was maths. That was one of the occasions when I used my smartphone to find a balance between family and worklife. This is one aspect of a lifestyle smartphoner.


Be smart, be a lifestyle  smartphoner and take control of those little life situations.

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