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Smartwatch Versus Traditional Watch

From the visionaries of the 70’s in the entertainment world to ‘Beam me up Scottie’ to the present. We give you, the smartwatch.

A few decades ago it was hard to imagine wearing a wrist watch to communicate with. Not so in 2016 through 2017. From the days of imaginary to sci-fi, with cutting edge technology and smart innovation the reality is here. The Smartwatch have entered a new era. With brand names like Apple, samsung and Galaxy they are revolutionising the scene and setting the trend in the smartwatch industry.  Take a look at the video below to get an idea of  some of the names and designs behind the smartwatch revolution of 2016.

The advantages of having a smartwatch

First and foremost, is its portability and the convenience of it been a part of you. It is also a compact and complex gadget that has many functions and features just like the smartphone. Once you understand the functions and become familiar with your smartwatch it’s a sinch to use. In addition it’s ideal for party goers. When it comes to the week end and you hit the night life, with your  state of the art time piece strapped to your wrist there is one less worry to think about, loosing your expensive smartphone. Another key advantage of the smartwatch is that it’s easier to glance at than the smartphone, especially when you’re busy and on the move.

Voice Control

When it boils down to hands free devices, voice control is the best way of unlocking all the things that your timepiece has to offer. Everything from appointments and holidays to emails and fitness. All these and more can be easily accessed from your wrist. With the apps installed simply say “OK, google” and make your request. Regarding hands free, how great is this for drivers?

Will the smartwatch be the death of the Traditional watch?

So as the song “Video killed the radio star”. Will the smartwatch be the death of the traditional watch? The majority of us will agree that technology is rapidly changing our world at a very fast pace. But before we draw any conclusions let’s look at some facts.

When it comes to smartwatches Apple is the leader in this field. So as an example let’s see what’s happened to this giant over the last year. When the Apple smartwatch came on the scene it hit the wearable device industry like a storm. This of course rattled the cages of the traditional watch industry. However, according to a Fortune report there was a slump in sales. The shipments of smartwatches during the third quarter of 2016 dropped 51.6%  to 2.7 million devices, according to a report by research firm International Data Corporation. Nevertheless, despite this slump a rebound is looking likely.

In Comes Google

Google has delayed its decision to release its new Android Wear 2.0 operating system for smartwatches until 2017. In essence this has caused device manufacturers to question whether or not to wait until after the holiday season to release their new smartwatches. Their concern is that this could affect shipment. In addition, Samsung is still waiting to release its upcoming Gear S3 smartwatch.


Upcoming Samsung Gear S3

The only criticism with the smartwatch, in my opinion, is that the majority has to work in conjunction with your smartphone. If the manufacturers want to take a larger slice of the cake and give the traditional wrist watch a run for its money, then a standalone smartwatch will be in the making. Nevertheless, despite having a few negatives, they are a very useful gadget to have.

So in the meantime hold on to that sci-fi vision as we enter 2017. A new era of the smartwatch is on the horizon when we can say “Beam me up Scottie”.

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