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Smartphone My Mobile – Technology On The Go

Mobile Technology

Technology on the go. Smartphone

Technology on the go has become a massive part of everyday life. You’ve only got to walk down your local high street and observe the number of people on  their mobile phones. Go to a cafe or a an eatery, out pop the laptops, people are working. Time is of the essence. Keeping up with the latest trends and gossips from friends on facebook, twitter, etc, has become the norm. Oh, we mustn’t forget the old Rac or AA road atlas, now aptly supplanted by the advancement in technology with the modern day and latest satellite navigation systems in motor vehicles; or if you are using your smartphone, google maps.

Advancement Of Technology

Mobile phones – Now smartphones


The mobile phone has moved on in leaps and bounds since its inception about thirty years ago. From the days of carrying a piece of equipment in your pocket or handbag for the sole purpose of making or receiving  a call, to a sleek and slender, beautifully designed mini computer which does a plethora of tasks; it’s like having your best friend in your pocket. However, let’s digress and step back in time and show some appreciation for our smartphones in comparison to the early mobile phones.

The first mobile phones

Technology -Early bomole phones

Have you ever wondered what the earliest mobile phones looked like? Well take a look at the pictures above. Could you imagine yourself carrying one of these around?, also image how much they must have weighed. Moreover, the inconvenience of dragging them around.

Brief history

Video clip of the first mobile phone launched in the U.K. on 1st January 1985

It’s was about thirty years when the first mobile commercial call was made in the U.K. The two companies then; now known as Vodafone and O2; were Racal-Vodafone and Securicor-Cellnet.

I was around in those days and remembered seeing one for the first time. Even though the thought of having one was appealing to the many, the price was way beyond affordability. Consequently it would have cost you the price of a luxury Caribbean holiday to afford one back then.

According to the caption on the video “the future is in both your hands” was quite literal and with reference to the weight: the size of a small dog. So it would cost you the price of a luxury  Caribbean holiday to carry around the size and weight of a small dog with both hands. With all things considered let’s say hooray to modern technology and thank goodness for the smartphone.

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